out of the nest

It’s a funny time in life right now.  Aging parents and aging children.  Aging me.  Three generations who are soon to graduate.  Not being one given to morbid considerings by nature, I take this meditation as a gift from the Father.  Morbid?  Not really.

Our children are soon to leave the immediate safety of their familiar home into a world of promise but no guarantees.  The strength of youth, a foundation of truths learned, and an optimism will, no doubt, help them along their way.  Many options, yet without expertise to narrow them.  Such is the great adventure.  If my wife and I have taken them on enough excursions to truth in our example and words, they will have a starting place.  I think they will do well.

Our parents are all gone now except for my Mom who is in remarkably good health for a woman about to be 80 years old.  My Dad, along with BJ’s Dad and Mom have “pierced the veil” that separates this world from the next and no longer need the little “power pack” we call our flesh and bones.  That which they were in their essence remains in a mode of experience that I can’t grasp.  It is that essence that God was transforming here and although they thought the body was essential for personhood, I believe they now know that to be less than certain.

Then there’s me.  So much of what I foolishly attributed to my own maturity turned out to be good genetics, youth, and the lack of so many of the challenges that others face in life.  But Father Time does his hated turning of the calendar and what was the Spring of life has become early Fall.  What shall I do with emotions that were bullied into their cage by a young will that had no time for their foolishness?  They are, of late, beginning to find out that the locks upon their doors are mostly rusty and failed.  They are more merciful than I feared, but unintimidated by my dignity.  The broad options of youth have been now traded for the narrowness of expertise and habit.

There is a dawning of understanding that I can no longer defeat any foe by main strength and indestructibility.  I am now a different kind of safe.  It’s the kind that doesn’t depend upon youth and fortune, upon status and getting the “breaks.”  I am being weaned off the pleasant milk of self-sufficiency by a Parent who knows that I am well past the time when I should suckle.  The nest of youth is a pleasant place.  I am thankful that I do not have the resources to maintain it against the wisdom of mortality.  It is the kindest Foot which propels me outward.

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