unrepentant sesquipedaliac

Had to look it up.  Seems like a fitting requirement for one who has been accused of such a heinous tendancy.  I love big interesting words.  I tried to work this one out on my own.  I briefly considered “one who bicycles between Redwoods” and even entertained a possible reference to a “free-bleeding poet.”  You can imagine my disappointment with the correct definition “one who uses words that are a foot-and-a-half long.”

I have come to like words.  Words can carry the real me to the real you if honesty is agreed upon and practiced.  I don’t really have affection for longer words per se, but “technical” words.  Technical words in the sense that they carry a narrow and specialized meaning.  These are the words that a teacher goes for when she wants to convey a meaning with a minimum chance for a misunderstanding.  Let’s say (hypothetically) that my wife calls me an idiot in response to some silliness that I have enacted.  I would feel cheated if I knew she really meant that I was a moron and that she simply did not take the time to think of the correct term “moron.”  I trust, gentle reader, that you see my point.

I have noticed that many fine communicators can get their message across with nary a word that one couldn’t hear in your average bowling alley.  Perhaps I confuse poetry and prose, but if I deem one to be loquacious, it is because I mean they talk a lot.  Normally saying someone talks a lot carries a sense of disapproval, but I can observe the fact of their verbocity without making it a perjorative if I describe them as loquacious.  It’s like the old song says “you say ‘tomato’ and I say ‘Lycopersicon Esculentum‘ “

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