the happy poet

One of my few poems so no need to get nervous….

The Happy Poet

A hopeful asked the universe for leave to write and rhyme
The universe responded “how have you spent your time?”
The suitor answered “jumping from one blessing to another,
free from care and heartache like my dear old happy mother.”

“I was born with riches that are generations old,
Father and Grandfather had a purse of purest gold.
All my aunts and uncles came from plain prosperity
so all my dozen cousins never taste of poverty.”

“Happy is as happy does, that’s what I do all day
I get up late from perfect sleep and perfect breakfast waits.
I only have to go to work when I am in the mood
Daddy owns the company and makes up all the rules.”

“I never draw the short straw, I never lose a bet
I’m getting 50 m-p-g from my brand new Corvette
The major hassle in my life is all the pics they take
Since I won the lottery and that NASCAR race.”

Through narrowed eyes the universe stared in utter scorn.
“How could this Fortune’s darling have ever cried or mourned?
How could such a one begin to tell a common tale?
How could a person, such as this, know what it is to fail?”

“Grasp and ingenuity require that life be hard,
existence’ own equation wants a scarred and limping bard.
For every vision granted demands an equal pang.
Special cases do trangress and vex both yin and yang.”

“If sanction for this amateur is granted here today,
giving our endorsement while all dues remain unpaid,
other hopeful candidates may skip life’s crucible,
untouched by fell affliction and fate so terrible.”

“How can one whose history, devoid of tears and pain
relate to gentle readers, on this terrestrial plane.
It isn’t fair, I tell you, it isn’t fair I say.
It’s never happened on my watch, it won’t begin today!”

“Our judgement now is rendered, our wisdom now is heard
No quarter can be granted, no vacillating word
Benediction is withheld, indeed it is denied
Permission for to write in verse cannot be authorized.”

“Tradition will be shattered and standards be brought low
if Destiny’s beloved manages a decent show.
Poetry will be debased, its verses will be trite,
all will fall and great the fall, If happy poets write.”

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2 Responses to the happy poet

  1. john edwards says:

    I didnt know you had this…………….might I link it??????????

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