will & scenes from a park

These are two more poems that I wrote in a class that was taught by Jonathan Scott (a.k.a. the word ninja) at church a while back.

Scenes from a Park –

Smell of rain, minutes old, now steam
Reasoning with the breeze – prevailing
Embracing leaf and bloom

Pidgeon walks, prissy bird, searching
Hurry up, there’s others coming
Treasure in a morsel

Guitar plays, voice intones, carelessly
Song the same as yesterday
Money in a bowler

Children chasing, mother watching, always
Provides the yard she can’t afford
Someday things will change

Walker passes, all alone, lips moving
Flashing light behind his ear
Connects with worlds unseen

Oldish man, all alone, lips moving
Memory comes around again
Never speaks his name


Sudden I confront myself upon my latest mood
What’s in the blood that bends the humor ill?
Shall I contrive to blame the sky when aspect’s all a’gloom
and naught but choosing can affliction still?

Seize the promise hope contains and wrest it from it’s shell
Else it vanish like a summer dew
There word and deed can yet obtain respite from Satan’s spell
Despair be broken off a heart yet true

Away foul thing now conjured up O enemy unseen
Who magnifies the doubt in mine affairs
But lift the gaze for purpose’ sake and fix a single beam
Bright spirit rides it to the upper air

I throw the lie in dread’s white teeth, he shall not win today
Pale minions aim to paralyze the heart
Fear without an object haunts and cheats at all it plays
but withers neath a laugh made sure and sharp

What I desire in judgement’s eye abides with somber weight
But choosing is the thing more needful still
Thought conspires to win the day, in mutiny speculates
Though all else fail O God I am a will.

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One Response to will & scenes from a park

  1. I am especially fond of Scenes from a Park. Concrete images–steam, pigeons, morsel–attached to more thoughtful language at the end of the stanzas. I appreciate the commitment to the form, the repetition of line length and phrases. I would love to see more along these lines!

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