The Human Multiverse

When my daughter was small, she would make pronouncements about what was the case. If questioned about how that could be, she would sometimes reply “that’s just how it is in MY world.” I have heard adults do much the same thing when faced with facts that conflict with what they want. “That’s YOUR truth, I have MY truth” they might say. I understand that is the way they see the world. The question then becomes whether there as many “worlds” as there are people.

Others, who would not claim to have their own personal “world,” resist the life they experience because it is not the way things “ought” to be. Their vision of the ideal world is insisted on before action can be taken. By refusing to come to terms with what must actually be dealt with, they cannot step into a larger life.

Both of these groups deny themselves access to the full range of reality. The first does it by denying any one way the world is and refusing to acknowledge those unpleasant skinned knees that unyielding reality can deal.  The second group is no freer because they turn inward and reject a life that fails to meet their expectations. Where then does freedom lie?

In modern cosmology, the Multiverse is a popular theory that seeks to avoid having to explain the apparent design and fitness of our universe for life.  It does this by theorizing an infinite number of universes such that one like ours was bound to exist.  The lack of observable evidence and other problems that count against this idea are ignored or minimized. Likewise, a human mulitverse, where we all are deities of our own kosmos and write comfortable laws that govern there, is a theory that seems to be avoiding something.

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  1. I find myself tending toward type II multiversarianism . . .

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